Soehnle Digital Retro Kitchen Silver Scale Review – Why it Outshines Other Retro Kitchen Scales

Having a scale in the kitchen is an advantage. A chef should have a scale to measure foods accurately. When one has to prepare a recipe, he or she cannot afford to fail. In particular, a scale becomes very essential during preparation of baking ingredients. Shoppers can find different styles in the market. For instance, they can buy the retro kitchen scales. These older scales are restyled with contemporary precision technology.

Any person who wishes to buy these retro styles has many options available. Speaking of it, the Soehnle retro digital scale with a silver finish is perfect. Soehnle is a big name in relation to kitchen scales manufacture. Buying one of its products is a bonus. Verre mesureur numérique

Let us explore the main Soehnle retro scale features

• The scale’s capacity is 111b, o4 oz increments

• This is an electronic analogue and digital scale with two distinct readouts

• It has a retro style combined with contemporary technology

• Its charming red body is made of zinc die cast

• The scale comes with a bowl, which is made of brushed/polished stainless steel

• Uses the 4 AA batteries

• The scale dimensions are 10.3-by-10.5-by4.5-inches

Soehnle retro kitchen scale description and benefits:

This scale has an older design, combined with an ultramodern Soehnle exclusive technology. It looks more like some of the 1950’s kitchen scales, but with modern parts. For instance, one would adore its exciting display, featuring an analogue readout with an electronically steered pointer element. The combination completes with a lovely LCD screen. This analogue and digital kitchen scale provides an amazing blend of old, retro product design and new era precision expertise.

The features that show the classic side of these retro kitchen scales by Soehnle, is a die cast base in shiny chrome, with fire engine red details. It comes with a large sized detachable bowl placed on top. It is made of high quality brushed and polished stainless steel metal. This makes it very reliable and durable. The bowl eliminates the hassles of using any kitchen cup or container, and time wastage. Someone who bakes daily can benefit a lot from buying this retro scale.

It is completely affordable especially if one buys from a site like Amazon. This scale uses the 4-AA batteries that last longer. In addition, this is a perfect item for anybody’s kitchen because it is very attractive. It has both classic and contemporary accents on it. Thus, it somehow adds into the kitchen beauty. Since the scale is not too big, one cannot hassle to find a nice place to keep it.


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